In keeping with its primary mission, promotion of Croatian music, Croatian Composers’ Society and its production company Cantus prepared a new project which will enrich Croatian music scene in a yet unexplored way – Concerto in Cro.

Concerto in Cro is a series of concerts which will present best works by Croatian composers in the last 300 years, from the Baroque and Classical period, through Romantic era and 20th century, up to the present. Works by Croatian composers, Luka Sorkočević, Vatroslav Lisinski, Dora Pejačević, Ivan pl. Zajc, Blagoje Bersa, Bruno Bjelisnki, Boris Papandopulo and many others will be performed by an ensemble lead by the concertmaster Anđelko Krpan, and under distinguished Croatian conductors Zoran Juranić and Saša Britvić.

The final product we are aiming to achieve is a package of services, cultural and musical experience which combines educational, informational and promotional component of presentation of Croatian music, at the same time giving the audience the pleasure of getting to know the most beautiful pieces of Croatian music literature.

Concerts will be held in attractive locations in the city center, on an open stage at Grič (Upper City) during the summer, and in other periods in Komedija Theatre, with the possibility of additional concerts in other locations and dates.